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Ken Shamrock On His Career Resurgence: “I’ve Been Given The Fountain Of Youth All Over Again”

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Every wrestling fan will remember Ken Shamrock for many different reasons. For some, he will always be ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man’ who snapped and dismantled his foes during his time with the then World Wrestling Federation. Others will remember him fondly for his time in the octagon. Today’s generation may only ever know him for his stint with IMPACT Wrestling.

Whatever the memory, it will be from a long and storied career which began all the way back in 1988 when a twenty four year old Shamrock began to train for a career in the ring under legends Buzz Sawyer, Nelson Royal and Gene Anderson.

Thirty two years later, the former WWF Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion and NWA World Heavyweight Champion is still going and at IMPACT Wrestling Bound For Glory on October 24, defeated Eddie Edwards after being inducted into the promotion’s Hall of Fame.

Recently, the professional wrestling and MMA legend spoke to TV Insider about his long and impressive career and how he thinks he can still tangle with the youth of today:

“Being out of any competitive sport and coming back and feeling great, it’s almost like I’ve been given the fountain of youth all over again. I’ve been able to do things I actually haven’t done before. Now I’m diving over the top rope and doing these showstoppers. To see my body respond after the layoff and the stem cell I got from BioXcellerator—it all came together, and I felt great. That’s where I’m at today. People are watching me saying, “How can he do that?” I’m fortunate the treatments have worked well for me.”

Happy with how his body has responded to stepping back into the ring at fifty six years of age, Shamrock spoke about his induction into the IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Fame and why he chose Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to induct him:

“When Vince [McMahon] put us together, it was like iron sharpening iron. I believe we really found out who we were in pro wrestling when we were able to work our programs together. The Rock was very significant in my journey. That’s why I reached out to him. There are several others that have also been important to the journey too. It’s going to be fun to see how it all unfolds and the people involved that night. I’m honored.”

Ken Shamrock and The Rock go back two decades to their war over the WWF Intercontinental Championship when Shamrock was the apple of the audience’s eye and The Rock was domineering The Nation of Domination.

Finally, Shamrock spoke fondly about the IMPACT Wrestling locker room, the atmosphere which he describes as ‘exciting’ and the new wave of talent stepping up to make the spotlight theirs:

“There is a common goal to be successful at Impact but not try to push everybody down. Put on a great show with whoever you’re working with and bring the best out of them.”

It is unknown how much longer Ken Shamrock plans on competing between the ropes after doubling back on his 2019 announcement that he had no further plans to continue as an active talent.

What is known, however, is that Ken Shamrock has had an amazing career in and out of the ring and will forever sit in the higher echelon of professional wrestling’s elite.

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Credit for the interview: TV Insider

h/t for the transcript: Wrestlezone