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Ken Shamrock Considered Quitting WWE After Montreal

Ken Shamrock

Former WWE Superstar, Ken Shamrock seriously considered quitting WWE in the immediate aftermath of the Montreal Screwjob, as revealed by The Wrestling Observer.

In it’s monthly newsletter, the Observer reported that when Bret Hart documentary ‘Wrestling With Shadows’ was being shot, the film crew recorded footage of Shamrock and other WWE Superstars threatening to quit in protest.

At the 1997 Survivor Series, then WWE-Champion Hart, was screwed out of the WWE Title when WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon deviated from the script and ended the bout early, awarding the strap to Hart’s long-time rival, Shawn Michaels.

Many wrestlers were livid with their boss, but none more so than the former UFC fighter. The Observer noted that Hart had revealed that he received a supportive phone call from Shamrock following the infamous bout. Shamrock told Hart that he was in his corner and was contemplating quitting McMahon’s company in disgust. Hart talked him out of it.

The Observer also revealed that it was the ‘Hitman’ who recruited Shamrock to WWE in the first place. Hart felt that there was mileage in a WWE Champion versus UFC Champion match-up. That never transpired, but the pair developed a strong bond nonetheless.

The ‘Wrestling With Shadows’ film crew ultimately decided against using the footage of Shamrock and other WWE wrestlers, as they did not wish to cause them problems with their employer.

As fate would have it, the World’s Most Dangerous Man was awarded the first opportunity at new WWE Champion, Shawn Michaels’s title at the subsequent pay-per-view event following Survivor Series, D-Generation X: In Your House.

Shamrock did leave WWE two years later in 1999, returning to his MMA roots for Japanese promotion, PRIDE. The former Intercontinental Champion, then re-joined UFC in 2002. He has never returned to WWE.

The UFC Hall of Famer currently wrestles for Impact Wrestling and was the company’s first ever World Champion, when he won a Battle Royal on June 19, 2002 to to win the NWA World Title.

He was deservedly inducted into the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame during it’s flagship show, Bound For Glory on October 24, 2020.