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Ken Anderson Responds To Wrestling School Scamming Allegations

Mr Kennedy - Ken Anderson

Former WWE and IMPACT Wrestling star Ken Anderson, aka Mr Kennedy, has been accused of scamming students of his wrestling school.

A Reddit user claimed last week that Anderson had been silent on reopening his wrestling school (‘The Academy: School of Professional Wrestling) and hadn’t trained students for years, despite still taking money for enrolment.

Further users claimed that Anderson failed to fulfil promises of a new venue to students, as the school had lost their prior venue.

Responding to the allegations on Facebook, Anderson said:

”Since day one, we were committed to giving everyone that came through our doors an opportunity to learn as much as they could about professional wrestling.”

He said:

“Covid 19 closed our doors in 2020. I understand that not all will agree with our decision to not re-open and to play it safe (some re-opened almost immediately) as we were hit with variants and waves of infection. I don’t have control over what others choose to do with their bodies or businesses, but I felt it was the right thing to do for the health and safety of our students and their families as well as our own family. Pro -wrestling and social distancing do not pair well. If I had to do it again without the benefit of hindsight I would have handled those unsure times the same way.”

I feel it neccessary, given the nature of the original Reddit post and subsequent articles written about my character…

Posted by Ken Anderson on Wednesday, February 2, 2022

He continued:

“As those dates got pushed forward, in the individual correspondence with our students, there was a natural sense of frustration…Nobody has been conned or scamme…We look forward to re-opening. The minute that we secure that building, we will be in touch with everyone including new students, returning students and graduates.In the meantime, our students are encouraged to contact us at any time, with any concerns.”

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