Keith Lee Vows Drew McIntyre Will Bask In His Glory

Keith Lee Thumb

Keith Lee has vowed to kick-off 2021 by becoming WWE Champion and defeating best friend, Drew McIntyre.

On December 28, ‘The Limitless One’ attained the number one contendership to the WWE Championship after defeating the Scot’s other ally, Sheamus, setting up the biggest match of his career thus far.

However, despite the friendship between both champion and challenger, the former NXT Champion does not intend to go easy on ‘The Scottish Psychopath” and in a WWE exclusive interview vowed that he would start the New Year as he means to go on:

“How does one prepare? I would say the first time we fought, that was difficult to prepare for because he was hurt, he’s my friend, most people are aware of this. This match is much easier to prepare for. Let me explain why. It’s quite simple. His best friend, this man has an issue with me. He’s also a man he vouches for. A man that he supports. A man that he would put the trust of his life in his hands. He told me I don’t have to worry about mine in his hands but what’s happened two weeks in a row? I got kicked in the face last week, for winning a match for him, for Drew, for my team, for Raw, against some miscreants. And then this week I promise until the bell not to lay a hand on him and what does he do? He kicks me in the face again! A man he vouches for. It’s clear where I stand in his world. And while he’s a friend, I have to respect where he stands, and understand that WWE Championship stands above him. On the first Raw of the year, Keith Lee becomes WWE Champion.”

While Keith Lee may seem like a pawn in the slow burning rivalry between Drew McIntyre and Sheamus – which will end in the Irishman turning on his friend – that doesn’t mean that he’s not on WWE’s priority list.

Keith Lee will more than likely lose to Drew McIntyre on January 4, but he is also one of the favourites to win the Royal Rumble Match on January 31 with the already pitched bout of Lee vs. McIntyre vs. Brock Lesnar rumoured for WrestleMania 37.