Keith Lee Says He Will “Fight Like No Other To Return”

Keith Lee

Keith Lee has broken his silence over his recent absence from WWE television, promising fans he will “fight like no other to return.”

Prior to his sidelining injury, the future was looking bright for Keith Lee. Following an impressive run in NXT, where he would capture both the NXT and North American Championship, Lee would make his main roster debut on an August 2020 episode of Raw. He would quickly became a favourite amongst fans, and would even earn a WWE Championship opportunity ultimately losing to then Champion Drew McIntyre.

Lee was initially scheduled to face Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship at Elimination Chamber in February 2021, but was pulled from the event due to undisclosed health issues. Lee would tweet ‘Hard Times’ following the announcement and has remained inactive since.

Recently responding to a fan on Twitter, Lee would reveal that he is fighting to make a return to the squared circle. Thanking dans for comments and DM’s, Keith Lee outlined his journey back to the ring:

I miss you guys, as well as all the others that expressed this sentiment… whether in dm’s, tweets, or comments. I miss you all.

But do not fret. I will fight like no other to return…and when I do, we got a LOT of ground to cover.


Notably, Keith’s name on Twitter was changed to ‘Impatient Lee’ following his injury. Also note worthy was Lee’s appearance alongside Drew McIntyre on WWE Network’s watch along of the NXT: Stand and Deliver event.

Lee is known for conversing with fans and remaining active on Twitter following his mysterious injury. Back in March Lee would tweet a similar sentiment:

I hear many of you. I see many of the messages. One day, I will explain it all for the ones true to me.

For now, know that I more than appreciate the continued support.

And WHEN I return, it will be filled with all the love I have for those that represent this #LEEGION

No official plans are public regarding Keith Lee’s return to the ring. However, it appears the former NXT Champion is doing all he can to return sooner rather than later, to cover ground and continue his dominating impact on WWE.