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Keith Lee Reveals Samuel L. Jackson-Inspired New Look [PHOTO]

Keith Lee

Former WWE Superstar Keith Lee has shown off a new look seemingly based on a famous meme featuring Hollywood icon Samuel L. Jackson.

Keith Lee was released by WWE on November 4th alongside 17 other Superstars from the main roster and NXT. At the time of his release, Keith Lee had just received something of a makeover, which included a new name, Keith “Bearcat” Lee, and wrestling in new gear.

After being called up to the main roster in the summer of 2020, Lee featured prominently before disappearing from television in early 2021. The star later revealed that he contracted COVID-19 before being diagnosed with a heart issue.

Lee also put out a statement claiming it was “amusing” to suggest anyone other than himself had paid his medical bills at this time. WWE responded to that statement claiming that what Lee had written was “erroneous.”

Now Keith Lee has shown off a new look he says is inspired by a meme featuring Samuel L. Jackson looking at his craziest on social media. Cryptically, Lee added that is time to start thinking about “what is next properly:”

“Back to work. In the Lab. I think I’m almost done with my Samuel L. Jackson meme look (right after I take a crazy looking photo with it lol). But it’s time to start considering what is next properly.”

It is believed that Keith Lee’s ninety-day non-compete clause with WWE will expire around the beginning of February, meaning the former NXT North American Champion would be free and clear to work anywhere after then.