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Kazuchika Okada Reportedly “Coming” To AEW & IMPACT

Kazuchika Okada thumb

Kazuchika Okada is reportedly “coming” to either AEW and IMPACT Wrestling in the near future in a bold new move as part of New Japan’s growing partnership with both companies!

Speaking on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that the 5-time IWGP Heavyweight Champion is set to become a significant player in the burgeoning relationship between New Japan Pro-Wrestling, All Elite Wrestling and IMPACT Wrestling via an appearance within both of NJPW’s partner promotions!

However, Meltzer was quick to point out that it’s currently unknown where or when The Rainmaker’ will make his crossover appearance.

“Everyone’s in business now and it’s all open and Okada’s coming at some point somewhere. I don’t know where but I know he’s coming.”

Okada won’t be coming alone, however, as Meltzer also mentioned that other stars from New Japan will be appearing too – following on from FinJuice’s recent IMPACT tease. He would go on to speculate about the potential for the crossover and how it might lead to a reunion between Okada and AEW World Champion Kenny Omega!

“Other people are coming [too]. We may get Omega with Okada or Omega with Ibushi, I don’t know if we’re getting [those reunions but] I just know it would make sense that we would be getting it. The doors are open and that’s a good thing.”

Karl Anderson, one half of the IMPACT World Tag Team Champions, would add fuel to the fires of speculation by claiming that Okada will appear for both promotions simultaneously – not just one or the other!

Both companies would make sense as potential landing pads for an Okada cameo: On one hand, Chaos’ leader is familiar with IMPACT – having competed as the questionable Okato for the promotion between 2010 and 2011. Thankfully, it’s unlikely Okada will have to make the sacrifice of suffering through that gimmick once more.

Meanwhile, AEW features several stars with their own history with ‘The Rainmaker’ including Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho, Lance Archer, The Young Bucks and more. Regardless of where Okada appears, one thing’s for certain: The Forbidden Door has well and truly been blown off its hinges.

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