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Kayla Harrison Says AEW Appearance Was A One-Time Deal, Calls Wrestling “A Fake Sport”

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Olympic gold medallist and MMA star Kayla Harrison won’t be returning to AEW anytime soon as she calls professional wrestling “so stupid” and drops the dreaded F-word.

Harrison is a former training partner of ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey and surpassed Rousey’s own Olympic success when she picked up two Olympic gold medals at the London and Rio Games in 2012 and 2016 respectively.

Since then, the 31-year-old has built up a successful MMA career with a record that stands at 12 wins and 0 losses with only two of her victories being left up to the judges.

Kayla Harrison has been a part of Dan Lambert’s American Top Team since 2018 and this led to an appearance on AEW television where she was joined by other MMA luminaries such as Paige Van Zant, Jorge Masvidal, and Junior Dos Santos.

Speaking to Jim Varsallone Harrison likened being in the wrestling world to being a bully on the playground, something she says she secretly enjoyed:

“I mean, yeah, do you have fun when you go pick on the little kid at the playground? Secretly, you have a little bit of fun, it’s just so easy, it’s just a bunch of nerds and losers who couldn’t hack it in my sport so they decided to go and do a fake sport. I can’t believe I let Dan talk me into it, it’s just boring, it would be too easy to crush them.”

Harrison will win no supporters in the wrestling world with her comments – which might be the point – as she took aim at wrestling fans and reminded Tony Khan and Dan Lambert that she does what she wants:

“Obviously I would be great at whatever I do. But this is what I told Dan, and don’t get upset but I have worked hard my whole life to get out of the trailer park, so why would I want to be the entertainment for the trailer park? I am sorry, AEW, it’s just that I do a real sport with real winners and losers and it’s not scripted.”

“No one is going to tell me whose ass I am going to kick, if I’m going to kick, I’m going to kick whose ass I want to kick. Tony Khan’s not going to tell me what to do, Dan Lambert’s not going to tell me what to do.”

Kayla Harrison left with a parting shot to Chris Jericho – a man that has caught the eye and the ire of American Top Team and The Men Of The Year in recent weeks. If you look close enough there was still a compliment for Jericho in there somewhere:

“Chris Jericho, I would chew him up and spit him out faster than you can say AEW, are you kidding me? That old, washed-up, long-haired, snaggle-toothed has been. Although he did put out a great song.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.