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Kayla Braxton On One Of Her “Most Embarrassing Moments” In WWE

Kayla Braxton

Kayla Braxton may be best known for holding the microphone for the great and good of WWE but now she has discussed what she says is one of her most embarrassing moments in WWE.

The summer of 2019 seems like an eternity ago in the world of wrestling. Thunderdome was a Mad Max film, Kofi Kingston was WWE Champion, and somebody was trying their best to take out Roman Reigns. Reigns was subject to several attacks including almost being run over as his unknown assailant launched attack after attack.

One of those attacks came when Roman Reigns – not yet sitting at The Head Of The Table – was headed to do an interview with Kayla Braxton on SmackDown. As Reigns approached Braxton a bundle of scaffolding came toppling down on top of Reigns as Braxton screamed and called for help.

Now discussing the moment with Sam Roberts on Not Sam Wrestling, Braxton revealed that her performance might not make her highlight reel.

Braxton said:

“That was first take, only scream, only practice scream. I watched it back like, ‘Oh my gosh, Kayla, come on.’ So embarrassing. One of my most embarrassing moments in WWE. It was a very cool moment but, man, I wish I had done better. Next time I’ll practice my scream.”

“That was fun though. Being put in storylines has been really cool, and that’s when I get to show my sassy, creative side… Every time that someone replays that in a package, I get tweeted, I get tagged, people just tearing me to pieces on social media for that scream.”

Roman Reigns mystery attacker turned out to be Rowan, who had long been aligned at that time with former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. Buddy Murphy also wound up as part of the storyline but the Australian star recently revealed that his involvement was purely accidental.

Credit: Not Sam Wrestling

h/t Sportskeeda for the transcription