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Kayla Braxton Reveals She’s Had To Block Social Media Harasser 14 Times

Kayla Braxton

WWE broadcaster Kayla Braxton has spoken publicly about the harassment she has suffered online from someone convinced that they are in a romantic relationship.

Social media can be a tricky place for its users with barely a day going by that a wrestling personality doesn’t deactivate their accounts, at least temporarily.

Now WWE interviewer and Talking Smack host Kayla Braxton has discussed her own story of harassment online, stemming from a catfish pretending to be her and someone who believes they’ve really been communicating with Braxton herself.

Issuing a plea on social media for both parties involved in this ordeal to stop, Braxton wrote:

“I’ve had to block the same person on here using different user names – and I’m not exaggerating here – 14 times. Ive counted. This person is convinced we have a romantic relationship because they’re talking to someone who is pretending to be me. Both sides of this – please stop.”

Recently Seth Rollins was assaulted by a fan who ran out of the crowd on an episode of Monday Night Raw. The assailant later claimed that Rollins had been in contact with him online using a well-known scam technique of asking for gift cards in exchange for cash. Suffice to say if they had been in contact with anyone online, it wasn’t actually the real Seth Rollins.

WWE Superstar Sonya Deville was on the wrong end of a terrifying incident in 2020 when someone broke into her home while she and fellow WWE star Mandy Rose were asleep. Thankfully both women were able to flee the house when the intruder set of an alarm.

It soon came to light that that intruder was the same person who had been pestering Berenato on social media for several years with proposals of marriage as well as other messages of a romantic, personal and threatening nature.