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Kay Lee Ray Retains NXT UK Women’s Championship In Ferocious Brawl

Kay Lee Ray Thumb

During the November 19 edition of NXT UK, Kay Lee Ray successfully defended her coveted NXT UK Women’s Championship against Piper Niven in an all-out brawl.

Fought under Falls Count Anywhere rules – the first of its type on the brand for the women’s division – the Scottish combatants literally threw everything at each other in order to leave the BT Sports Studios with the gold.

Showing more ferocity than ever before, an enraged and ready Niven attacked the champion during her entrance to kick things off and wasted no time in stating her intent with a suicide dive and the retrieval of a steel chair.

Back and forth the pair went trading chair shots, vicious blows and using their surroundings for advantage. Superkicks connected. Headbutts made the pair see stars. Kendo sticks were broken across backs but neither champion nor challenger yielded.

With the involvement of Jinny, both women battled backstage where the champion broke a guitar over her oppressor’s back and Niven connected with a Piper Driver onto a steel chair before ‘The Fashionista’ had a hand in deciding who would leave with the strap.

As Ray and Niven traded blows on an equipment box, Jinny appeared out of nowhere and leathered the burly challenger with a chair shot which sent both women crashing through an awaiting table where Kay Lee Ray landed on top of her rival for the victory.

Kay Lee Ray continues her history-making reign as NXT UK Women’s Champion, currently standing on day 447 at time of writing.