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Kay Lee Ray Responds To HBK Praise, Says USA Move Would Be “A Dream”

Kay Lee Ray

Kay Lee Ray has opened up about the praise from WWE legend Shawn Michaels which saw the Heartbreak Kid tip NXT UK’s Women’s Champion to emulate the success of Drew McIntyre.

Speaking with Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy, Shawn Michaels opened up about WWE’s Scottish Superstars, naming Kay Lee Ray as someone who could emulate the two-time WWE Champion’s success if she moves to America.

“Kay Lee Ray. She, to me, is probably the greatest… I think, you know, NXT UK Women’s Champion, but she’s just now… She’s the best kept secret. If she ever chooses to come over and come to America, and be part of the WWE from a global standpoint, I see her having the exact same kind of success that Drew has had. She is very, very good and she has done unbelievable work for us over in the UK and I couldn’t be more proud of her because she is an absolutely fantastic young lady.”

Responding to the praise, the Scottish Daredevil humbly said it’s nice to hear the praise, before boasting that of course Michaels would support the self-proclaimed forever champion!

“It is, it’s incredible to hear something like that said about yourself from anybody, never mind somebody like Shawn Michaels. It’s nice to know that that’s what they think but it’s nice to know that they also have very nice taste as well, because of course they support the forever champion! Who doesn’t support the forever champion?”

So there’s no lack of confidence when it comes to having the ability to be a huge star regardless of platform, but what about that “if” that Mr WrestleMania mentioned. Might Kay Lee Ray relocate to the States?

“I always have the best time when I go to the States, whether it’s been for independent promotions or I’ve been over at WarGames. It is a dream and an aspiration of mine to go to the States at some point but I feel like I’ve got a very big responsibility here and I’m good with being forever champion for now.”

Meanwhile, the NXT UK Women’s Champion – who has been tipped for many Champion vs Champion matches during her dominant tenure – took the opportunity to call for another potential dream match!

“I have been thinking about something recently though. I’ve went through pretty much all the Horsewomen and I know I would love to wrestle every single one of them individually but when you look at the champions right now, I would be lying if I didn’t say my dream match right now wouldn’t be… The NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray, we’ve got the NXT Women’s Champion in Raquel, we’ve got Bianca Belair, we’ve got Rhea. Let’s put the four of us against the Four Horsewomen! I think that would be amazing, and I’m probably stretching a bit here…but put us in WarGames, do whatever you like! Just let us go.”

Thanks to Kay Lee Ray for taking the time and to WWE United Kingdom for facilitating the chat. You can follow Kay Lee Ray on Twitter for more and read the full interview here.
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