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Kay Lee Ray Reportedly Now Full-Time With NXT

Kay Lee Ray

New NXT arrival Kay Lee Ray is reportedly set to feature full-time with the black and gold brand moving forward.

The Scottish Daredevil arrived in NXT at NXT TakeOver: 36 as Raquel Gonzalez retained her Women’s Championship.

At the event, Gonzalez met her former best friend Dakota Kai in a highly anticipated grudge match. Throughout the bout Kai did her best to wear down the champion with a series of arm based submissions.

With the champion reeling, Kai landed a Yakuza kick knocking Gonzalez out of the ring to the floor. However, the frighteningly powerful champion fought back, throwing around the challenger at will.

Gonzalez finally picked up the win capitalising on a small error from her adversary. With the champion perched on the top turnbuckle, Kai went for another Yakuza kick but she was caught by Gonzalez who powered her up for a second-rope Chignona bomb to claim victory.

As Gonzalez celebrated her win, Kay Lee Ray made her big appearance at the top of the ramp staring down the champion.

A new report from Mike Johnson of PWInsider has suggested that the former NXT UK Women’s Champion will now be with the black and gold brand full-time. The report adds that this is not planned to be a short run where Kay Lee Ray will return to the UK, and she is now living in the United States.

On the August 24th edition of NXT Kay Lee Ray made her in-ring debut making short work of Valentina Feroz.

Prior to her appearance at TakeOver, Kay Lee Ray hadn’t been seen on WWE television since losing her NXT UK Women’s Championship to Meiko Satomura on the June 10th episode of NXT UK. The Scottish Superstar had been champion for 649 days before being pinned by Satomura.