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Karrion Kross Reveals Why He Wore A Lucha Mask His First Time Backstage At NXT

Karrion Kross, Killer Kross

Karrion Kross has revealed why he took the unusual step of wearing a Lucha Libre mask backstage when he first arrived in NXT.

While so many debuts, returns and new signings are known ahead of time by fans in modern wrestling, Karrion Kross has opened up about just how hard he worked to keep his WWE deal a secret.

In February 2020 it was announced that Killer Kross, as he was known at the time, had signed with WWE. Kross had previously been appearing in IMPACT Wrestling, but his contract expired late the previous year. In the intervening months where Kross was a free agent he teased fans on social media about his next move, despite already deciding that he wanted to join WWE.

Speaking during an appearance on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Kross recalled how he got to know Triple H, describing his initial conversation with The Game about joining NXT.

“I waited for the appropriate time to contact him. I was on the subway at the time and I spoke to him, and it was a super pleasant conversation. I did have a correspondence over the years with WWE with try-outs and background stuff. But that was the conversation that really cemented a lot of different things, and just having the ability to get to know him and understand exactly what he is looking for. I had the feeling from the conversation that he [Triple H] was looking for guys that were 110% in, and then some. I’m not going to wait to be told, I am going to be committed and bring everything into this and embrace the process.”

The two-time NXT Champion went on to reveal that he was determined to keep his new deal with WWE a secret. As a result he arrived backstage to meet with Triple H for the first time wearing a Lucha mask, something he used to do when travelling during his time in Mexico.

“I was very protective about being signed there, I didn’t want people to be stooging this off. When I first arrived in NXT, I put on a luchador mask. I’m in a 3 piece suit with a Lucha mask, which I used to use when travelling to Mexico. Fans and media would be at the airport. If there’s a car outside, you can only mess around with so many people in the airport.

So I was walking around NXT in the mask, and I wondered if anyone would recognize me? I thought I would have to get this close [puts hand in front of face] before he would recognize me.

I think he just knew. But he started laughing and I started laughing. I walked up to him and shook his hand and said ‘I’m sorry, I just wanted to protect this. I didn’t want anyone stooging this off.’ Then he just started laughing and said ‘I appreciate your commitment.’ But I thought it would be a funny ice breaker.”

Karrion Kross was released by WWE alongside his partner Scarlett Bordeaux on November 4th after a disappointing and short-lived run on the main roster. Elsewhere in the interview, Kross explained that things could have turned out very differently. The former IMAPCT Wrestling star revealed that he was discussed as a potential opponent for the likes of Roman Reigns, Bobby Lashley and even ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt.

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