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Karrion Kross Calls His Heavily Criticised Raw Helmet A “Piece Of S**t”

Karrion Kross

Former WWE Superstar Karrion Kross had a hilarious reaction to a fan question about the highly-criticised entrance gear he wore during his spell as part of the WWE main roster.

Kross was amongst a multitude of names released by WWE recently alongside fellow former NXT Champion Keith Lee and former WWE Women’s Champion Nia Jax along with many others.

Kross made his main roster debut as NXT Champion, in a similar fashion to current WWE Superstar Kevin Owens, after an impactful run on the then black-and-gold brand. However, his NXT success did not transfer to Raw.

In his first match on Raw, he suffered a shocking loss to Jeff Hardy in just 90-seconds. The result received backlash from fans and kicked off several characters and aesthetic transformations for Kross as he attempted to adapt to the main roster.

One such transformation saw him don a mask and decorative harness, which former WWE star Erick Rowan – now known as Erick Redbeard – claimed on an episode of the Chairshots to the Cranium podcast that the gear Kross is now wearing was originally meant for him and Luke Harper when they competed as The Bludgeon Brothers:

“I remember the first pitch meeting for it. They showed us pictures of what they wanted The Bludgeon Brothers to look like. I think it’s almost exactly what Karrion Kross is wearing right now. It’s the Demolition leather straps that look like suspenders while you wrestle. We both looked at each other like, ‘No…’ I think that’s when I had a few friends design some things.”

Despite picking up several wins on Raw after the costume change WWE chose to release him from his contract along with his fiance, Scarlett Bordeaux.

Initial reports revealed that the reason behind the releases was simply ‘budget cuts’ however information has since circulated suggesting vaccine status may have been a reason behind several talents WWE release – a statement Nia Jax has since denied.

After the release, a fan took to Twitter to ask if Kross would send him the infamous helmet to which he replied:

“Nobody wants that piece of shit brother.”

Kross only joined WWE in the spring of 2020 as part of the NXT roster. The former IMPACT Wrestling standout spent his time on the then-black and gold brand accompanied by his fiancée Scarlett as he shot to the top by winning the NXT Championship twice.

Karrion Kross made his main roster debut in WWE in July 2021 where he was defeated in just over a minute by Jeff Hardy ending his one-on-one undefeated record in the company.

On the 4th of November, the news broke that Kross was among eighteen superstars released from their WWE contracts with Scarlett as well as the likes of Keith Lee and Nia Jax also on the chopping block. The reason given for the most recent round of roster cutbacks is to do with budgets but reports have suggested that more than one person has been released due to their COVID-19 vaccination status.

Now Karrion Kross has shared a message with fans on social media, telling them:

“I heard you all the entire time.”

While Karrion Kross prepares for the next phase of his career, Scarlett is already looking for an opponent and a promotion where she can have a unique “dream” match.