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Karrion Kross Reveals That Ric Flair Left Him Speechless

Karrion Kross

Karrion Kross has revealed that Ric Flair is the wrestler that he’s been the most star-struck by, leaving him speechless when they first met.

Appearing as a guest on the Instinct Culture Podcast by Denise Salcedo, Karrion was answering some quickfire questions from Denise, one of which was “which wrestler were you most star struck by?”.

Kross (real name Kevin Kesar) opened up about his pre-WWE life in which he was a bodyguard, regularly working around celebrities and stars. He admitted that prior to meeting Ric Flair he didn’t get star struck by anybody.

Until, at an autograph signing in New York both Karrion and Flair locked eyes and he just froze. Kross shared the story in which Flair just laughed off the speechless kid in front of him like he’d seen it a million times.

I’m gonna say Ric Flair!

I will tell you, I was a bodyguard for a very long time and I was working around celebrities in nightclub industry, many moons ago before I had anything to do with wrestling. I was around celebrities all the time…I was around professional athletes all the time. I grew up with a boxing, wrestling family culture, we were in the gyms – I never got star-struck by anybody.

I was 16 years old, I met him in New York, he was at an autograph signing, something about making eye contact with Ric Flair, it was totally unexpected. I was like ‘OHH, I’m gonna meet Ric Flair’, I ran up and BOOM, we hit like this and I just froze, I was like ‘star-struck is real’.

I couldn’t even talk and was like ‘EUH EUH’. I couldn’t believe it. And he just looked at me like he’s seen this a million times like ‘how you doin’ kid?’ It was very funny.

Now honing his craft in NXT, Karrion will be regularly bumping in to WWE Hall of Famer’s who make up the backstage crew of Triple H’s brand. Since signing with NXT in 2020, Kross remains unbeaten in singles competition and only an unfortunate injury ending his short NXT Title reign.

Kross is on course to face Finn Balor for his NXT Title at the upcoming NXT PPV (Stand & Deliver), the build up of which you can follow with us at Inside The Ropes.