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Karrion Kross Recalls “Unbelievably Flattering” Meeting With Bret Hart

Kross & Hart

Karrion Kross has recalled meeting WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart backstage at a show in Puerto Rico.

Before arriving in NXT Karrion Kross wrestled all over the world for a variety of different promotions. This included appearances in South America.

Speaking to Lucha Libre Online, the current NXT Champion was asked about his first time working in Puerto Rico. Kross explained that it was a special night for him as he was returning to his family’s homeland.

Reflecting on the appearance, Kross described feeling a sense of fulfilment.

“It was amazing. I’ve always felt like, not to be overdramatic, but I’ve always felt like the universe, when you believe a certain way in a certain set of core principles, it aligns you with them. If you stay true to them. I just always found that in very strange ways, life always brings me full circle to these types of points. I don’t know, just to be able to perform in Puerto Rico. It felt like I was coming full circle with a part of myself. Just where part of my family came from. To be there and perform and stuff like that. My grandfather is long gone, but I felt him them with me that day in just a very strange way. My family was very proud to be able to say: ‘Our grandson or son, was able to do that’. It was very cool. It just felt very fulfilling”.

Not only was the night noteworthy for Kross in relation to his family and his heritage, he also got to work with El Profe and meet Bret Hart.

Kross revelled in how much he enjoyed the event, adding that Hall of Famer Hart was complimentary about his work.

“I totally did recognize him right away and it was very cool. He was a very nice guy. The entire event was awesome. I mean, it was great. We had all the ingredients to have the perfect mix of drama and good stories throughout the entire night. I met Bret Hart formerly that night as well. I had a really interesting conversation with him there. He was impressed with my work, which was unbelievably flattering at the time and we’ve built a report since then. I’ve tried to stay in touch with them as often as possible within reason. I don’t want to suffocate the guy. It was very cool. El Profe was a sweetheart as well.”

Elsewhere in the conversation Karrion Kross reflected on getting injured while winning the NXT Title TakeOver: XXX

Kross explained how he hoped no one had noticed that he was injured, before describing trying to “shove back in” a bone that was sticking out of his neck.

Following the shocking return of Adam Cole, on the most recent episode of the black and gold brand, Kross will now defend his championship in a Fatal-Five-Way Match at NXT TakeOver: In Your House.

Johnny Gargano, Pete Dunne, Kyle O’Reilly and Cole will now all challenge for the gold.

The event is set to take place Sunday June 13th.