Karrion Kross Says He Would Consider Joining A New Bray Wyatt Faction

Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt is back in WWE and back on Friday Night SmackDown. In traditional Bray Wyatt fashion his return has led to more cryptic questions than answers, with rumours that he could be heading up a brand new faction called the Wyatt 6.

One man who would be open to joining such a faction if the fans called for it is Karrion Kross.

The vignettes and teases which signalled Wyatt’s return began back in September began with the use of Jefferson Airplane’s track “White Rabbit.” This led to a series of clips and teases featuring a white rabbit. While many felt that Wyatt was the mystery star behind the teases, others pointed towards Karrion Kross who was known as the White Rabbit while in Lucha Underground. The speculation only increased when an hourglass appeared in one of the early teases.

“Is That You Or Is It Bray Wyatt?”

Speaking in a new interview with Give Me Sport, Kross was asked about being linked to the vignettes, revealing that he hoped they meant that Bray Wyatt would be returning.

“The first time they played ‘Feed Your Head’ and all that, I had a couple of people on SmackDown turn over and look at me. I was like, ‘Hey, don’t look at me. I have nothing to do with that.’ Some people who have known me for a long time, they knew that used to be the theme music in Lucha Underground and the White Rabbit, the hourglass, they thought, ‘Is that you or is that Bray Wyatt?’ I said, ‘It’s not me, I have no idea who that is.’

As weeks went by, people in my family and personal friends called me saying, ‘Stop working us, you always work us, you never tell us. Just for once, tell us that it’s you.’ ‘I swear to God. I’m not working you. This has nothing to do with me.’ ‘You’re lying! That’s you.’ Some people were very positive that this was some big elaborate scheme of mine. For once, it was not.

I was hoping it was Bray Wyatt the entire time and sure enough, all of us got, in the end, what we wanted and it was him. It was a cool thing. I was flattered that people thought it was me. To be remembered for some of my earlier work is always really cool. It was a funny period for me personally. It was fun to watch it play out,”

The speculation around the Wyatt 6 began with Wyatt changing his social media handle to the moniker. This was only added to when the star returned to WWE at Extreme Rules alongside all of the characters from the Firefly Fun House.

When asked about being part of the Wyatt 6, cross stated that if the fans wanted it, he would consider it.

“If the fans really want that, it would be something I would completely consider. We’ll have to see how things play out.”

Karrion Kross is currently feuding with Drew McIntyre. After Kross and Scarlett were involved in a car crash on the most recent edition of SmackDown, McIntyre attacked his rival in the parking lot.

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