Karrion Kross Recalls The Moment He Felt Like He Had “Betrayed The Fans”

Karrion Kross

Recently, Karrion Kross shared his thoughts on his original run on the WWE main roster, and also commented on the mask that he was forced to wear.

Since returning to WWE under the Triple H regime, Kross has thrived, along with his wife Scarlett Bordeaux, including in their latest match at Extreme Rules. There, Karrion Kross would get a victory in a Strap Match against Drew McIntyre.

Karrion Kross recently appeared on “The Ringer Wrestling Show” fresh off of his Premium Live Event win, and during his interview, he would speak about his past, including the mask that he wore, saying that he could hear fans laughing at him as would enter the ring.

“Well, I don’t know if I’ve ever said this publicly, but the first time I came out with the mask, there were people laughing in the audience. They were laughing. I always remembered getting into this business and thinking to myself, ‘When this is all said and done, I want to leave this place a better place than it was before I came in.’ You want to make it better. You want to make people around you better. You want to make the product better, you want your performances to get better. For me, I’m always chasing the perfect match.

That’s my wrestling philosophy. I’m chasing the perfect story and I just always wanted to contribute my best foot forward, artistically, and be work-driven.

“When I came out with that, and I heard people laughing, I was like, You know ‘What I’m doing right now,’ to me at the time, it felt like I was betraying everything that I wanted to contribute to what I was doing and [betraying the] fans, because the fan in me is still alive. That’s how I know how to read an audience. If you become too high up on your horse, and you disconnect from them, ‘I’ll tell them what they’re gonna like.’ That’s not that’s never gonna work.

So the difference between then and now is tonight, I walked out and they were singing our theme music. The entire audience was singing our theme music. That was a moment we wanted to get to before the pandemic and I got that tonight in a packed house in Philadelphia. So that was incredible. So I would say that that is the major difference between last time and tonight.”

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