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Karrion Kross Defeats Finn Balor To Win NXT Championship

Karrion Kross

Karrion Kross has defeated Finn Balor at NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver to win the NXT Championship for a second time.

Finn Balor had opened the March 17th episode of NXT by declaring that he’s destroyed everyone on the roster and that only Karrion Kross remains.

Kross with Scarlett by his side, said it was a matter of taking back what he never lost, and that at TakeOver he will choke Balor out.

Both men received big entrances with Balor sporting a red painted cross over his previously injured shoulder. The match which oozed big fight feel, quickly developed into a big fight contest. The two men fought through a cagy opening few minutes, with Balor repeatedly taunting his much larger foe.

As Kross tried to ramp up his offense, Balor responded with a further act of defiance each time. A visibly frustrated Karrion Kross, tried to use his power-game against the champion, eventually gaining the upper hand.

However, Balor focussed on the arm and shoulder of the champion locking in multiple submissions in an attempt to wear down Kross. After a vicious kick to the midsection, Balor wasted no time in trying to slow down Kross.

Balor eventually managed to climb to the top rope hitting the Coup de Grace. Although the move landed in textbook fashion Karrion Kross quickly countered, locking Balor in a Rear-Naked Choke. This signalled a change in the momentum of the match as Kross’ power finally began to tell against the smaller champion.

Kross hit Suplex after Suplex and reigned down a series of elbow strikes on the back of Balor’s head. Kross followed up by hitting the Hidden Blade to pick up the win in front of a stunned crowd.