Karl Anderson On Who Was Behind Surprise Bullet Club Addition

Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson

Karl Anderson has revealed who was behind Ace Austin joining Bullet Club at NJPW’s Best Of Super Junior 29, earlier this month.

Speaking on Talk’n Shop with Rocky Romero, Bullet Club original, ‘Machine Gun’ Anderson was brutally honest when asked if existing Bullet Club members had some sort of voting system to add new recruits.

“It’s whatever booker wants to put the son [of a] b*tch in. People will say, ‘Why did you let this guy in?’ Guys, listen, you have to understand. The person that makes the show gets to put the f*cking person in the damn Club. Scott D’Amore wanted Ace Austin in there.

That’s not saying I didn’t want him in there, it’s a great shot for him. You can hate on the Bullet Club all you want, of course, anything that is done successfully is going to get hated on. You can’t deny that it’s going to help your career.”

IMPACT has been infiltrated by Bullet Club, so it is not surprising that D’Amore would want his X-Division Champion, Ace Austin, in the group.

Chris Bey and Karl Anderson along with fellow Good Brother, Doc Gallows, have already established Bullet Club on Thursday nights.

Many of its New Japan contingent appearing alongside Karl Anderson, Gallows and Bey, including El Phantasmo and Bullet Club leader, Jay White, too.

With Austin impressing in the Best Of Super Juniors and the Japanese fans becoming enamoured with the friendship, rivalry and inevitable betrayal by Austin of fellow tournament hopeful, Alex Zayne, Bullet Club seems like the natural home for the Inevitable one.

D’More will be hoping to capitalise on this new fanbase and is the likely reason behind Zayne’s inclusion as the final entrant in the upcoming Ultimate X match at Slammiversary on June 19th.

Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows will meet the Briscoes for the IMPACT Tag titles at the same event.

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