Kanji Recalls Her PROGRESS Debut – “Gosh, I’ve Made It”

Kanji PROGRESS thumb

Kanji has recalled thinking she’d “made it” after arriving in PROGRESS and looked back on the “incredible” experience of winning the first-ever women’s Thunderbastard match in her debut!

Speaking to Inside The Ropes‘ own Innes McVey, the PROGRESS Wrestling star was asked how she felt when she not only made her debut for the company shortly after returning from injury but also won the first-ever women’s Thunderbastard by beating out the likes of Millie McKenzie, Gisele Shaw and Lana Austin!

Kanji detailed how it didn’t fully set in that she’d joined the promotion until she arrived at the venue and how seeing the PROGRESS ring & signs for the first time made her believe she’d “made it” as a performer.

“I didn’t really believe it when they asked me to be in the Thunderbastard, I didn’t believe that it would actually happen. Obviously I’ve been out on injury so to come back from injury straight into a promotion like PROGRESS was such a huge opportunity and such huge news for me that it didn’t settle in straight away until I got there. And then I saw the ring, I saw the PROGRESS signs and I thought ‘Gosh, this is it. I’m here now. I’ve made it.'”

‘The Asian Sensation’ went on to recall the “incredible opportunity” of winning the first-ever Thunderbastard match to feature women, following in the footsteps of Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster who won the same match in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

“So to come out actually victorious of that whole Thunderbastard match with some of the most amazing women I’ve ever met in wrestling was incredible, an incredible opportunity. I was just so happy to be around such supportive and amazing people. Not just the talent, but the crew and the production team who’re a part of PROGRESS as well. It was incredible.”

Going on to reveal how proud she is of that match, the 26-year-old also discussed how the show also being broadcast on the WWE Network gave both herself and everyone else in the match an opportunity to represent British wrestling!

“Yeah, it was a huge thing for everybody when we found out that it was going on the network, it makes it more of a big deal for us women to represent British wrestling. I think we had an opportunity to prove ourselves and show what we’re really capable of. And 100 percent, when I watch it back and when I think back to how it all came about, I’m so proud of all of us. Not just the women who were involved, but the women and the men who put it together and helped us pull it off. I think it was incredible. I’m so proud of it all.”

In the same interview, Kanji also explained why she believes she will become the next PROGRESS Women’s Champion and discussed the “incredible” experience of facing Millie McKenzie in PROGRESS.

You can check out our interview with Kanji in full here.

Photo credit: Rob Brazier / Head Drop Photography