Kanji – “Meiko Satomura Is Arguably The Best Wrestler In The World”

Kanji had high praise for former PROGRESS Women’s Champion and current NXT UK star Meiko Satomura, revealing her hopes to one day compete in Sendai Girls to learn from the Joshi legend!

Speaking to Inside The Ropes‘ own Innes McVey, the PROGRESS Wrestling star was asked for her thoughts on Jordynne Grace’s recent comments that the PROGRESS women’s title is “one of the most prestigious belts” she’s ever held.

Kanji responded by recalling the esteemed lineage the championship holds and how much it would mean for her name to appear alongside the likes of Grace, Toni Storm and Meiko Satomura!

“What’s so crazy is that when I first won the number one contendership after winning the Thunderbastard, I was speaking to people about what it means if I was to win. Or not even winning it, just the fact that I’m on a journey to chase it, people were instantly come up to me saying ‘Look at the people who’ve held this belt.’ You have Jordynne Grace, you have Toni Storm, you have Jinny, you have Meiko Satomura.

The fact that that could possibly pass on to me when you’ve got people who’ve held it like that: Who’ve travelled the world, who’ve faced some of the best wrestlers in the world. I mean, Meiko Satomura is someone that is arguably the best wrestler in the world and she’s held this belt. So the amount of credit that is on this championship is far more than even a lot of the belts that are out there for the men and the fact that I’m in the chase for it is huge.”

Later, ‘The Asian Sensation’ went on to discuss her goals outside of PROGRESS and why heading to Japan is her top priority over WWE!

“Japan is still somewhere I’m desperate to go and train and learn their craft 100 percent. That’s my next goal. That’s where I want to go and experience first. With the WWE, NXT and NXT UK, I think they’re incredible opportunities that I would happily open my arms up to if the opportunity was there. I think it would just be a process of weighing out a balance on whether Japan will still be able to be achievable if I NXT UK came first or not. But yeah, Japan is definitely the first thing on my checklist.”

Out of all the promotions on offer in Japan, the 26-year-old made it clear Sendai Girls would be her preferred choice to learn from Satomura.

“Sendai Girls is somewhere I’m really looking at and the girls at Sendai are incredible and I look up to them so much. Their style, their discipline, everything, especially with Meiko being there as well. It’s at the top of my list.”

In the same interview, Kanji also explained why she believes she will become the next PROGRESS Women’s Champion and discussed the “incredible” experience of winning the first-ever women’s Thunderbastard match in her PROGRESS debut!

You can check out our interview with Kanji in full here.