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Kane Explains What Stopped Him Jumping To WCW


WWE Hall of Famer Kane has discussed why he never followed some of his WWE colleagues down south to a big contract in WCW.

During the mid-nineties Eric Bischoff kick-started the wrestling war between WCW and WWE, luring many stars of Vince McMahon’s company to World Championship Wrestling. The likes of Lex Luger, Ted DiBiase, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash were among the highest-profile defectors to WWE before Glenn Jacobs debuted in WWE as Kane.

Jacobs had previous spells on WWE television as Jerry Lawler’s demon dentist Dr. Isaac Yankem DDS and even filled in for Kevin Nash as the Fake Diesel after Big Sexy left to head to WCW and help form the nWo.

Speaking on Honest Offense with Eric Cervone, Kane explained why he never sought the riches of WCW:

“At that point, I was already in WWE, I already had my opportunity … Yeah, there were people making a lot of money in WCW, but I felt that the future was with WWE and by that time, I also had a personal relationship with them and never felt like leaving.”

Kane has proved to be a controversial figure in recent years after espousing questionable views on things such as gun violence with his former tag team partner Sean Waltman calling him out for his comments.

h/t Wrestling Inc.