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Kane Refuses To Rule Out In-Ring Return

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Kane has refused to rule out a return to the squared circle as he prepares to bid farewell to his storyline brother and real-life friend, The Undertaker, at Survivor Series on November 22.

With the question of retirement swirling heavily in the air after Mark Calaway’s decision to finally hang up his coat and hat after more than thirty years, it’s only natural that ‘The Big Red Machine’ begins to question how long he has left between the ropes.

With his priorities currently laying elsewhere – Glen Jacobs currently serves as Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee – and having not competed under the famous red mask since WWE Crown Jewel on November 2, 2018, Kane is no longer considered an active competitor on WWE’s roster.

Speaking to Fox Sports about The Undertaker’s imminent departure, ‘The Big Red Machine’ was quizzed about how much time he thought he had as a professional wrestler and whether he could see himself returning the ring:

“You never say never in WWE. I’m intrigued if the right opportunity comes up.”

Of course, Kane only credits one man for that question even being asked and that is the person who he cites as responsible for his career, The Undertaker. Talking about his friend’s retirement, Kane spoke on whether he believes this is the end of the road for one of wrestling’s greatest ever characters:

“Whether you can actually say this is gonna be it, it … I don’t know. WWE is one of those deals where it’s a little bit like the mafia, in that you never get to quite leave. And I’m sure with someone whose been as important as The Undertaker, that he will be around in some form or fashion for quite some time.”

It was announced by Mike Johnson of PWInsider that Kane will officially be in attendance on November 22 alongside Savio Vega, The Godwinns, Charles ‘Godfather’ Wright, Rikishi and other wrestling legends to bid a final farewell to The Undertaker.

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