Kane Reveals Ring Attire Decision For Undertaker’s Final Farewell

Kane Thumb

‘The Big Red Machine’ Kane, has lifted the mask on why he was the only member of The Undertaker’s farewell congregation in full wrestling attire.

On November 22, The Undertaker said his final farewell to professional wrestling with a definitive salute to the hologram of late manager, Paul Bearer. However, prior to that, a large group of his closest confidants gathered in the ring to bid him adieu.

Among the throng were Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, his Bone Street Krew brethren Rikishi, Charles Wright, The Godwinns and Savio Vega to name but a few. The other notable inclusion was The Undertaker’s storyline brother, Kane.

Unlike the rest of the crew, who had turned out in suits and ties – The Godwinns wore black shirts with their trademark overalls – Kane appeared in full wrestling regalia and garnered the attention of everyone watching.

Some thought it was a rib on the real life Glenn Jacobs who had been told that everyone would dress in their ring gear. However, the current Mayor of Knox County had another explanation as to his dress code when he appeared on the Taking You To School Podcast: