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Kane Fires Back At Chair Shot Twitter Jibe


WWE legend Kane fired back at a fan on Twitter whilst defending the company and their stance on unprotected chair shots to the head.

Kane, who is these days better known as Mayor of Knox County, was tagged in a post from Knox County’s official Twitter regarding 1,000 COVID-19 vaccines going missing. In a now deleted comment, a user responded to the post:

“Maybe don’t have a guy who used to get hit in the head with a steel chair on the regular as your mayor?”

The real life Glenn Jacobs then took to his personal social media account in order to address the user in a justifiably scathing response:

“WWE banned chair blows to the head years ago so good job staying on top of your material! Nevertheless, I do love a good game of childish insults so please continue with your derisive invective. But nothing too verbose or sesquipedalian. My language skills are obviously shot.”

During the Attitude Era, chair shots to the head had become common place in professional wrestling. From the murky halls of ECW, to the bright lights of WWF, head blows were often seen in matches, backstage segments and made popular thanks to the growing hardcore division.

Perhaps the most graphic and memorable instance from this time period was the ‘I Quit’ Match between The Rock and Mick Foley at Royal Rumble 1999. During the bout, Foley was struck in the skull with a chair an excruciating 11 times which left him with severe concussion symptoms.

The company officially banned shots to the head in 2010, releasing this statement:

“In January 2010, WWE amended its Talent Wellness Program, specifically regarding the Impact Concussion Management Program originally instituted in 2008, eliminating the use of folding chairs or props to “strike” an opponent in the head. Prior to this policy change, The Tables, Ladders and Chairs event in question took place on December 13, 2009. Incidentally, no performer suffered a concussion during the TLC event.

The WWE has eliminated using folding metal chairs to “strike” an opponent in the head. The WWE penalizes through fine and/or suspension the following: The intentional use of a folding metal chair to “strike” an opponent in the head. Any blow to the head that is deemed an INTENTIONAL act. The fine and/or suspension will be directed by the EVP of Talent Relations.”

Many fans took to the comments section following the response from Kane, praising the ‘Big Red Machine’ for his words. One fan recalled a similar encounter with ‘The Hurricane’ Shane Helms, stating:

“Yeah I regret saying something similar to Shane Helms. It was a dick move by me as you guys risked personal safety for my entertainment. I wish I could take that back.” to which Jacobs replied “All good and thanks for saying that!”.

In recent times Jacobs has seemingly taken a more part time role with WWE. He was one of many surprise entrants in the 2021 Royal Rumble, later revealing that he would donate his full fee from the match to an education fund.