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Kalisto Was Reportedly Unhappy With His Role In Lucha House Party

Lucha House Party

Following his release by WWE, reports have emerged suggesting that the Kalisto had been unhappy with his role for some time.

The former WWE United States Champion was reportedly less than happy with being in Lucha House Party, repeatedly asking to leave the group.

As reported by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Kalisto effectively “cut his own throat” backstage over the issue.

“The Kalisto story is that he cut his own throat months back. The Lucha House Party was the idea of Lince Dorado. He figured that his idea would work to a certain degree because they’d make some merch and sell some merch money, and even if not pushed, Vince would go for it because it appealed to his idea of Mexican stereotypes. And he was right, as Vince greenlit it. Gran Metalik said nothing. He’s happy being paid more than he’s ever made before even if he’s wasting his prime as far as being able to get recognized for his ability. But he just goes with the flow and backed up Dorado.”

The report also notes that the group was broken up to pacify the star with no further plan in place.

“Over time Kalisto grew unhappy about being part of an act that was booked as prelim jokes. He even made a tweet about it. Kalisto kept asking out of the group and was continually told no. But Dorado asked if he and Metalik could be the team since Kalisto wanted out anyway, so they shot the angle for the split.

There were never any plans to do anything with the split and it was just a way to pacify Kalisto. But the other two kept being brought to TV, whether to lose or work Main Event or occasionally get a win, even if was to be bodies to chase the 24/7 brigade while Kalisto simply wasn’t booked anymore and was cut.”

Speaking exclusively to Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy, just days prior to Kalisto’s release, Cinta de Oro, fka Sin Cara, praised his former partner. Cinta de Oro said that the high-flyer was “a great worker and a great performer,” adding that “he’s in the best shape of his life.”