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Kalisto On Regretting Not Pitching Mask Vs Mask Match With Rey Mysterio

Former Lucha House Party star Kalisto has revealed his regret on not pitching a ‘Mask vs Mask’ match against Rey Mysterio to Vince McMahon.

In a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Kalisto (now known as Samuray Del Sol) discussed his concept and how he hadn’t made it to McMahon’s office prior to his release:

My biggest regret is not pitching my idea to Vince. Pretty much the whole world knew except for Vince. [I wanted to do] a mask vs. mask match against Rey [Mysterio]. I had Rey’s blessing, Dominik’s blessing, everyone. They all loved it. I showed it to Paul Heyman too. Paul said ‘This is genius, do it.’ I was like let’s do this! It’s just such a good story, it’s my biggest regret not talking to Vince about it. Right before I was going to, I got released.

I was prepared for anything, I had such a great story that nobody would have expected. So for Paul Heyman to say that’s genius, I got something. The writers, everyone loved it. I even showed it to Daniel Bryan and Edge, they loved it. But it’s my own fault. I should have gone [to Vince].

Mask vs Mask matches have historically been box office affairs in Lucha Libre, particularly in Mexico, and had made their way to the US as part of WCW’s cruiserweight division.

However, they have rarely been utilised in the WWE, so Kalisto may well have been onto something with his pitch.

When pushed on whether not pitching the match had been his biggest WWE regret, Kalisto replied “I believe so. It was such a good story”.

Kalisto was released alongside a number of high profile names back in April but is now free to negotiate with other companies following the expiration of his 90 day non-compete clause.