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“Kalisto Is In The Best Shape Of His Life” – Sin Cara


Cinta de Oro, formerly WWE Superstar Sin Cara, has opened up about how his former tag team partner Kalisto is in “the best shape of his life” – despite having been missing in action before his WWE release.

Speaking just days before his Lucha Dragon partner was released from WWE, the former Sin Cara told Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy about how it “sucked” that Kalisto had disappeared from WWE television, calling his former partner a “great worker and a great performer” but said he didn’t get the opportunities to show it.

“I think it’s… It’s not a little bit, he’s missing in action! That’s the reality. It just sucks because he’s a great worker, he’s a great performer. You know, he’s gotten into the best shape of his life to show them that they can… He wants it – but then again, he doesn’t get those opportunities.”

While speaking of his former tag team partner, Cinta de Oro said he still speaks with Kalisto – despite their distance and having different points of view – and that they remain good friends. The former Sin Cara said he still thinks The Lucha Dragons could have been destined for bigger things had they not split.

“Yeah, we still talk here and there. Obviously, I live in El Paso. He lives in Florida. We have different points of view on certain things but, at the end of the day, we’re good friends, we shared a lot of great moments together in our careers and I was just sad when they broke us up, I think we could have done a lot more together as a team and I think we never really got to mature as a team, and achieve a lot of things that we wanted.”

On why the team was split, Cinta de Oro said maybe the powers that be were “afraid” they were getting over.

“When we parted ways, I think it was… I don’t know. I think they were afraid that we were getting over or we were really good or something, but it was just unfortunate that they split us up very soon.”

When it was put to him that getting over before you’re planned to can be detrimental, Sin Cara immediately pointed to Rusev, now performing in AEW as Miro.

“Exactly! When they don’t want you to get over! Look at what happened with Rusev.”


The former Sin Cara also went on to say he was “saddened” by the lack of Mexican representation at WrestleMania and subsequent plans for WWE to bring in more Mexican talent.

“No, no, no. Obviously, as a Mexican… [He sighs] ..I’m a little obviously saddened because of the situation, because I understand that there’s a lot of great talent, there are great wrestlers out there that have been there and haven’t gotten those opportunities. It’s true. I mean, what, now they’re saying that they want to go to Mexico and get more talent – for what? Sitting in catering? Doing the same thing? Putting us on the side – just because you can pay us, you want to keep us not achieving our dreams? And that’s why he left. That was the main thing.”

Meanwhile, for Kalisto and any talents released by WWE, Sin Cara had a message – there’s life afterwards.

“I know there’s life after WWE. A lot of the guys don’t think there’s life, but there is. I just want to tell them that there’s a lot of talent out here that has that mindset and wants to keep working and if you’re not happy in your situation, I think you have the power to change it. Nobody else but you.”

Thank you to Cinta de Oro for taking the time. You can read the full interview here.

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