Kairi Sane Earns New Qualification; Seemingly Inspired By Hana Kimura

Former NXT Women’s Champion Kairi Sane recently announced on Twitter that she had qualified as a Sports Mental Trainer.

In her tweet, Kairi had the following to say

In the wake of a sad incident of an important junior, I started studying if there was anything I could do or learn … I passed the exam safely and obtained [Sports Mental Trainer Qualification]. I was able to do it

I passed on my first attempt!

This is excellent news and clearly forms part of Kairi’s post-wrestling career, as she is considered all but retired from in-ring competition and now works as a WWE ambassador for the company’s Japanese outpost.

The reference to the ‘sad incident’, paired with the flower emoji generally associated with the late Hana Kimura, would suggest that Kairi had been compelled to follow this pursuit following her former Stardom colleague’s passing last year.

Hana’s life was celebrated earlier this year through the memorial show entitled ‘Matane‘, which was presented by her mother, Kyoko Kimura.

Kairi, alongside the likes of Kenny Omega, Io Shirai, Keiji Mutoh and more had all recorded messages in tribute, which were played throughout the show.

It is a truly admirable thing, that Kairi has elected to move towards a path in sports wellbeing and highlights what a profound effect Hana’s passing had on so many.