Juventud Guerrera Reacts To WWE Legends Night Snub

Lucha Libre legend and former WCW/WWE Cruiserweight Champion Juventud Guerrera has hit out at WWE over his apparent ‘Legends Night’ omission.

Guerrera, now 46, released an impassioned response to the snub on his YouTube channel LA ARENA in which he urged WWE to ‘Bring back The Juice’.

During the video, the vaunted luchador commented:

What? What the hell? This is serious? It was Monday Night Raw . Really? Seriously? Are you serious, WWE? It was Monday Night Raw. The night of legends. And I didn’t get the call. I did not receive the invitation from WWE . What kind of respect is that for the Juicy One? What kind of respect is that for the man who changed the business forever? What kind of respect is that?

The man who has given everything in his heart looking for a second chance, and is this how you treat him? And this is how you treat Juicy? Well let me remind you of something, WWE: I’m not the best. I am not the greatest. I am … THE MOST JUICY! (THE JUICIEST!). Why? I am the light and the truth of professional wrestling. I am the missing link. So let’s change. If you want ratings, BRING BACK THE JUICE!

This is not the first time Guerrera has angled for a return to the mainstream of late.

In 2020, The Juice appealed to be a part of Cody Rhodes’ TNT Title open challenge, as well as pitching an in-ring reunion with Chris Jericho, after the Demo God had named dropped him on AEW Dynamite.


Guerrera seemingly won titles everywhere he went in his sterling, albeit often troubled, career.

The Juice’s credits include two WWE Cruiserweight Championship reigns, three stints with the WCW Cruiserweight Championship and a fleeting run as IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion.

With thanks to SuperLuchas for the transcription.