Justin Credible Recalls Paul Heyman Paying For His Son’s Birth

Justin Credible

Former ECW World Champion Justin Credible recently detailed the events that led to Paul Heyman paying for the birth of his child.

Justin Credible, who is best known for his stints in WWE and ECW, appeared on a recent episode of Job’d Out Wrestling. During the course of the conversation, the former Hardcore Champion recalled the birth of his son and that, despite not having the proper health insurance procedures in place, Paul Heyman paid the incurring medical fees:

“Let me tell you about Paul Heyman real quick… Paul Heyman paid for my son’s birth and my wife’s pregnancy. Out of pocket cash, he paid $75,000+, which a lot of people don’t know. Because he committed to this via contract, he never got health insurance proper. So, when my child was born, I gave him every single receipt and every single bill that got paid. He tried his best to keep his word, he really did, and if you were important to him, he was going to try to go to bat for you.”

Credible debuted in ECW in 1997, following a run as Aldo Montoya in the WWF. Initially performing under PG-187 and PJ Walker, he would soon be rebranded to become Justin Credible.

During the interview, Credible also details the origins of the name that he would stick with him throughout the remainder of his career. Initially pitched by ECW ring crew staff Bilvis Wesley, the name was spotted on the side of a truck:

“He was ring crew, he helped with merchandise, he was a big-time helper in ECW. He was driving down the Jersey Shore, that’s where he’s from, and he saw a big sign on the back of a pickup truck that read Justin Credible, and he thought it was fantastic so he pitched it to Paul”

Although Paul Heyman would not cast Wesley in the role of Credible, he brokered a deal with the ring crew member paying him $500 cash for the name and idea. PJ Walker was repackaged as Justin Credible and would go on to become one of ECW’s most prominent figures.

During his tenure with the company, Credible captured the ECW Tag Team Championships twice alongside Lance Storm, as well as racking up a 162 day reign as the ECW World Heavyweight Champion.

Credit for the interview: Job’d Out Wrestling

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.