Jungle Kyona Out Of Action Indefinitely

Jumgle Kyona Thumb

It has been reported by all-women’s promotion, Stardom, that Japanese sensation Jungle Kyona will be out of action indefinitely thanks to a trio of major injuries.

According to the company, the 29 year old superstar is dealing with an ACL rupture in her left knee, an LCL rupture in her right knee and a complete AC joint dislocation in her right shoulder.

The league details that she will require surgery on all three joints and her absence from the ring is described as being ‘for a very long time.’

Bravely, the pioneer recently competed in and finished the 5Star Grand Prix Tournament defeating AZM, Saya Lida and Natsuko Tora and went to a no contest with Momo Watanabe to rack up an impressive seven points.

On October 3, the star suffered heartbreak when friend and partner Konami turned on Kyona and Tokyo Cyber Squad, costing the stable a No Disqualification Match against Odeo Tai in which the rules stated that the losing group must disband.

One night later on October 4 at Stardom Nagoya Rainbow Fight, Kyona wrestled her final match when she teamed with Mayu Iwatani in a loss to Odeo Tai members, Bea Priestley and Natsuko Tora.

Her injury is not only unfortunate, but the timing couldn’t have been worse. With the evaporation of her Tokyo Cyber Squad stable, Kyona was ready to continue her association with STARS where she was slated for a rivalry with turncoat Konami based on a friendship turned sour.

Jungle Kyona is a former three time Artist of Stardom Champion and former three time Goddess of Stardom Champion.

Everyone at Inside the Ropes wishes her a safe and speedy recovery.