Jungle Boy Jack Perry To Undergo Drastic Change Following Heel Turn

Jungle Boy makes his entrance at AEW Full Gear

Jungle Boy Jack Perry turned heel at Forbidden Door which opens another door for new possibilities.

Perry’s actions echoed around the pro wrestling world when he gave his good friend Hook a harsh lariat on stage. Perry was stewing from an upsetting loss to SANADA that cost him his chance at the IWGP World Title and took out his aggression on the FTW Champion. A shift in identity isn’t the only change Perry’s persona will be undergoing as according to Fightful, the pillar is all set to get new music.

Jungle Boy Jack Perry Won’t Have That Familiar Pop Tune To Walk Out To

Perry has gotten great pops in thanks to his memorable entrance theme which was “Tarzan Boy” by Baltimora, but a source within AEW claims that a new song is picked up for rising star. Although not in the report from Fightful, there’s plenty of other heelish changes we could see Perry pursue if he so desires. He’s shown he’s capable of growing a classic heel beard and many hair aficianados would shed quite a tear if he were to shave off his light brown locks.

A change that Eric Bischoff would like to see is some of Jungle Boy’s work in the ring. The former WCW President watched Perry’s Forbidden Door fight and was heavily critical of his striking ability against SANADA. It bothered Bischoff so much that he felt Perry shouldn’t have been featured on the card, stating in a tweet that Perry couldn’t crack an egg with a hammer.