JTG: Shad Gaspard Should Receive WWE’s Warrior Award

Cryme Tyme

JTG has stated that his former tag team partner Shad Gaspard should receive WWE’s Warrior Award during an interview with Chris Van Vliet.

When Van Vliet mentioned that some have argued Shad deserves the Warrior Award this year, JTG passionately supported the idea:

“He definitely should. I don’t know what’s a bigger heroic act than putting his life on the line for his son. But honestly, he would have done it if it was another child. If it was me, he probably would have did the same exact thing.”

Shad Gaspard tragically passed away in May this year after he and a group of swimmers were caught in a strong rip current. Lifeguards arrived to pull everyone out of the water but Gaspard heroically directed them to save his son, who was among the swimmers, before helping him. Three days after going missing, Gaspard’s body was found washed up on the beach.

Gaspard teamed with JTG as Cryme Tyme in WWE and on the independent circuit as Crime Time. During the interview, JTG elaborated on the strong friendship between the teammates:

“I don’t know if a lot of people know this but me and Shad were best friends. We were like brothers. We were pretty much like family. I spent a few Thanksgivings with him and his family. If I had an issue or financial problem or if I just had like personal problems, he was there for me. He was always there for me.”
Clearly held in high esteem by his former colleagues, fans do not have to search far to find numerous stories of Gaspard’s kindness and heroism. In 2016, he stopped an armed robbery of a gas station in Florida and restrained the criminal until police arrived.
Gaspard was also successful outside of wrestling as a graphic novel author, co-creating Assassin & Son in 2011. Arguably his biggest success, however, came when he provided motion capture for Kratos in God of War 2018.
With WWE rumoured to want fans in attendance for Wrestlemania 37, Gaspard may be able to receive the award in a way which allows his fans and colleagues to celebrate his life together.