JTG Remembers Shad Gaspard On 40th Birthday

Cryme Tyme

Former WWE star JTG has taken to Twitter to remember his late tag team partner, Shad Gaspard, on what would have been Gaspard’s 40th birthday.

JTG (real name Jayson Anthony Paul) posted a heartwarming photo of the ‘Cryme Tyme’ duo and joked about Shad always Photoshopping his photos.

Today you would of been 40 years old. I wish you was still here because I would of roasted you on how old you were and photo shopped your picture on a box of JUST FOR MEN M-60 Jet Black. I miss you and Happy Birthday. Love you bro (Pause) #HAPPYBIRTHDAYSHAD #CRYMETYME4LIFE.

In May 2020, Shad passed away at the age of 39 after he and a group of swimmers were caught in a strong current whilst in the ocean at Venice Beach, California. Shad instructed lifeguards to save his son first (which they successfully did) before unfortunately passing away himself whilst awaiting rescue.

JTG signed with WWE back in 2006, under the name ‘The Neighbourhoodie’ he formed a tag-team with Shad and called themselves ‘The Gang-Stars’ in Ohio Valley Wrestling – where they held the OVW Southern Tag Championships twice.

The pair were quickly promoted to RAW under the new name ‘Cryme Tyme’ which also saw the ‘JTG’ name inherited. As part of their gimmick, Cryme Tyme regularly stole items from wrestlers and sold them to the fans (at one point they were selling false entry numbers to the Royal Rumble).

In September 2007, both JTG and Shad were released from WWE and went on a run in the Independent circuit. They returned to the WWE just a year later to go on a successful 2-year run with the company which included feuding with and challenging the then Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase at Unforgiven.

We will remember Shad as a great wrestler, incredible athlete and most importantly for being a fearless, brave and inspirational father. We wish all the Gaspard family well during this sensitive time.