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Josh Woods Recalls The Intense Moment He Was Told “If You Hurt Daniel Bryan You’re Fired”

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Current Ring of Honor Pure Champion ‘The Technical Beast’ Josh Woods has revealed that during his time training with the WWE, Coach Matt Bloom once warned him that if he injured Daniel Bryan he would be fired.

Speaking with Inside The Ropes’ Liam Alexander-Stewart, Woods, who is set to defend his ROH Pure title against Brian Johnson at ROH Final Battle on December 11th, discussed his time in the WWE NXT system between 2014 and 2016.

“I mean, the Performance Center has changed drastically since I was there, so I mean, I really don’t know how it is right now. I can only speak by the time I was there and I came straight from wrestling in college, so it was very militaristic is the wrong word, but it’s also not the wrong word. At the same time,

It was very structured. It was very a “go here”, “do this”, “do that” and for me, coming out of college and having a structured life, I enjoyed it. I was like, Hey, cool, we got to go to the gym, we got to go do promos. Sign me up for that and you’re going to pay me to do all this. Let’s go.”

Woods would continue, adding that although he enjoyed the structure and guided living, he was aware that some of the established independent talents were not as keen at being micromanaged upon signing with the WWE.

“I know, I know a lot of people would come in and they had a lot of experience on the independents and they were big names and they may not like this much because, you know, as I’ve grown to now as no one tells me when to go to the gym, no one tells me when to go to practice, and I sometimes wish I had it back on. I enjoyed the structure of it, and I liked being in the ring a lot.”

The man who defeated Jonathan Gresham at Ring of Honor’s Death Before Dishonor PPV back in September recalled his time stepping in the training ring with current AEW Superstar Bryan Danielson for a bit of light training whilst then Daniel Bryan was recovering from a serious neck injury.

“When I was in NXT, Bryan was coming back from a neck injury and they do a lot of rehab for the WWE guys there and he was coming in and rolling around.

I don’t remember how this conversation got started, but Matt Bloom was the coach or my coach at the time, and I was like, Yeah, I’ll get in and I’ll go with them as I have like a jujitsu background because Bryan’s a really big jujitsu guy and he’s pretty good.

So I’m like, all right, cool. Yeah, I’m taking my shoes off because you don’t wear shoes and like, this fricking awesome and Matt goes, hey, man, he’s coming off a neck injury. If you hurt him, you’re fired. I’m just like, I don’t want to get in there anymore because I’m scared because like, I’m a little bit bigger than Bryan. I’m like, Oh shit, this is Bryan Danielson.

Like, Well, oh god, I’m like, shit. It’s like, I get in there and it was pretty cool and It was so fun. “

Finally, ‘The Goods’ would close by stating that he believes that defending the ROH Pure title against, now, Bryan Danielson in AEW is not an impossibility.

“I’ve changed so much from that and not just in regards to my skill set. So I think that would be an awesome experience to defend the title against Bryan and yeah, I mean, I know that they have had other championships there [AEW], so it’s not impossible. Nothing is in wrestling. So I won’t say never, never say never. How cool would it be, it would be great.”

Josh Woods was one of several ROH and former WWE superstars who made their AEW debut during the latest set of AEW Dark tapings with Woods taking on The Pinnacle’s Shawn Spears.

Ring of Honor Final Battle is set to air live on Saturday, December 11th and will be the iconic promotions final show until at least April 2022 as the company looks to refocus its direction moving into the new year.

The card features a plethora of incredible names and appears to be a send-off to some of ROH’s most prominent feuds and storylines over the past year.

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