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Jonathan Coachman On Steve Austin Not Showing Up To Wrestle Him

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Jonathan Coachman has recalled a proposed match between himself and WWE icon Stone Cold Steve Austin falling apart after Austin never turned up for it.

At Taboo Tuesday in 2005, WWE broadcaster Jonathan Coachman found himself going one on one with Batista in a match. With fans getting to vote on the stipulation, an overwhelming 91% chose for the two men to do battle in a Street Fight.

However speaking on a Q and A available at AdFreeShows.com The Coach discussed his original planned opponent for that night, Stone Cold Steve Austin. According to Coachman, the Texas Rattlesnake didn’t show up for a match that he felt was “below him:”

“I’ll start this by saying I love Stone Cold Steve Austin. The last couple of years we connected a couple of times, and I have a lot of respect for what he’s done and what he meant to the business. That was not one of his best moments. He felt like it was below him to step into the ring with me. Even though the storyline was pretty good and at the time I was a heel that was getting quite a bit of heat in the arenas. It wouldn’t have been much more than talking a little trash, you know, Stone Cold Stunner and then I’d wear a dress, but he didn’t even show up.”

“He didn’t show up. That’s the truth. He felt like it was below him, he didn’t show up, but it wasn’t the only time that he did that. The only thing — I’m not even bitter to this day about it. I wish I would have got the check. Because I didn’t get the check. When you wrestled Stone Cold you got paid more. But I have no ill will towards him at all because he had a long career, he had a lot of things going on, he was a big star, and I certainly wasn’t in his world. But that particular time, I wouldn’t say it was his best moment.”

Steve Austin’s last official match came at WrestleMania 19 where he faced off with The Rock for the third time on The Grandest Stage Of Them All.

h/t Fightful for the transcription