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JONAH Recalls Sh*tting Himself In The Ring


Former WWE Superstar JONAH has recalled the unfortunate time that he soiled himself in the middle of the ring during a show.

JONAH now wrestles for IMPACT Wrestling but for over two years he was a part of WWE on the NXT brand where the giant Australian was known as Bronson Reed.

Speaking on Callihan Uncensored with fellow IMPACT star Sami Callihan, JONAH explained how an incident with Duke Hudson on an NXT live event had him clenching for dear life:

“Unfortunately, I didn’t have a classic match to go with the poop situation. It was on an NXT Coconut Live Event, I don’t remember which town we were in, one of the armories. I was wrestling fellow Australian Duke Hudson. We’re close friends, we trained with each other, we go back since we were 18.”

“He just decided to f*ck with me and during the heat, he double-stomped me. He’s a 295-pound man at the time who double-stomps me in the stomach. I don’t know what I had eaten for lunch, but as soon as he double-stomped me, it just shot out into my gear.”

“I remember feeling it … and I remember saying to him, ‘We got to go home, we got to go home.’ In my head, if just a little bit of the poop started trailing down my leg, everyone has phones, everyone’s going to take photos and I’d be the poop guy.”

h/t Fightful