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JONAH Says WWE Wouldn’t Allow “Rock” In His Name


Former WWE Superstar JONAH, who competed there as Bronson Reed has discussed why he couldn’t use Rock as part of his name in the company.

The Australian star joined WWE as part of the NXT brand in early 2019. Before that, he had wrestled all over Australia as well as for the likes of Revolution Pro Wrestling in the UK and Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan where he was known as Jonah Rock.

The former NXT North American Champion wasn’t allowed to use that name in WWE with the company rechristening him as Bronson Reed despite him pitching a lot of names that were similar to what he had been using.

Speaking exclusively to Inside The Ropes’ own Kenny McIntosh, the current NJPW star lifted the lid on the thought that went into his name and that using Rock was a no go:

“I just did so many last names, even to the degree of Jonah Reed. I had Jonah Rogue, they obviously didn’t want Rock so I had so many different last names. I did pitch just Jonah on it’s own as well, because sometimes with WWE you end up losing that second name anyway, but they wanted something that was completely theirs if you will.”

The Australian behemoth recently competed at New Japan Strong Nemesis in Hollywood, California where he defeated former IWGP and IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champion David Finlay.

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