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JONAH FKA Bronson Reed Says NXT 2.0 Has Become “A Fabricated Raw or SmackDown”


Former NXT North American Champion JONAH, who competed on the brand as Bronson Reed, says the new direction of NXT 2.0 makes it just like its main roster counterparts.

JONAH joined the black and gold version of NXT back in the spring of 2019. The Australian became the first non-US star to capture the NXT North American Championship in May 2020 when he defeated Johnny Gargano for the gold. JONAH’s success was short-lived as just six weeks later he lost the title to Hit Row’s Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott.

It was then believed that a main roster call-up for the man then known as Bronson Reed was imminent as he competed in dark matches at SmackDown tapings. However, on August 6th the wrestling world was stunned when Jonah along with several other stars had been let go by WWE.

Now speaking exclusively to Inside The Ropes‘ own Kenny McIntosh, the man now plying his trade for New Japan Pro Wrestling discussed a recent social media post where he said “The place I love isn’t there anymore” in reference to what is now known as NXT 2.0:

“It’s just not the place it is anymore, that’s from speaking to friends that are still there. They have completely gutted it and made it NXT 2.0, the black and gold is gone. Obviously, you still have some of those same performers, and obviously, it is unfortunate that Hunter has been sick and he hasn’t been able to be there, but it was all Hunter’s vision. It was Triple H’s vision for a wrestling show.”

“I felt that while working for NXT, a lot of the guys that were on the television product, guys like myself, Adam Cole, Ciampa, Gargano, guys that took it seriously, saw NXT as a third brand. I always saw it as you had Raw and SmackDown as the big entertainment wrestling shows, but NXT was almost the pro-wrestling show for WWE, where you can come and watch wrestling.”

“It was still a little bit different and counter-culture to the other two shows. Now I see it as just a fabricated version of Raw or SmackDown, but in a smaller timeslot.”

Since the revamp of the black and gold brand to NXT 2.0, an almost entirely new cast of stars have begun appearing on the show. Two more NXT stars look to have said goodbye to the brand after they seemed to be saying their farewells after the most recent NXT 2.0 show.

JONAH will compete at NJPW Strong Nemesis on December 9th when he goes one on one with former IMPACT Wrestling and IWGP Tag Team Champion David Finlay.

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