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Jonah FKA Bronson Reed – “I Want To Be The Next Vader”

Jonah and Vader split image

New Japan Pro Wrestling star Jonah says he wants to follow in another behemoth that made his name in Japan’s footsteps and become the next Vader.

Jonah made his debut for the Japanese promotion in November attacking former IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions Juice Robinson and David Finlay. The Australian star had previously competed for WWE on the NXT brand as Bronson Reed beginning in early 2019 until his release from the company on August 6th, 2021.

The former NXT North American Champion spoke exclusively to Inside The Ropes’ own Kenny McIntosh about his ambitions in NJPW and why he sees himself following in the proud tradition of former WCW World Champion Vader:

“There’s definitely a few, and I always like to set myself little goals. I know number one is Ishii, he has that Openweight Title, and I feel like I could be a very good representative of that Openweight Championship. People have wanted that match for a long time, even before I was in WWE, people were like when are we going to see Jonah Rock and Ishii, and it never happened, so that’s number one.”

“Obviously, any company you are in, you want to be the top champion. So whoever has the title after WrestleKingdom, Shingo, Ospreay, or Okada, those are the guys I want to get in the ring with.”

“I want to be the modern Vader, Scott Norton, or the big foreigner that came over to Japan and beat everyone up.”

Jonah will aim to beat up second-generation star David Finlay once again when the two stars face off at NJPW Strong Nemesis on Thursday, December 9th.

The main event of Nemesis will see AEW star Christopher Daniels will breathe with the Switchblade as he faces former IWGP Heavyweight Champion Jay White.