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Jon Moxley Talks Wrestling ‘Buzzed’ Or ‘Drunk’

Jon Moxley

Fresh off the back of defeating Nick Comorato on AEW Dynamite, former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley conducted an AMA with Bleacher Report chatting all things wrestling and more.

During the session Moxley was asked whether he had ever wrestled buzzed or drunk, to which he replied that he had, although he wouldn’t recommend it.

“Oh 100%. I wouldn’t do it now, but back in the younger days, especially in CCW, it was as much a monthly party as it was a show. Especially when you’re doing death matches and crazy stuff…certain things you put in your body can put you in the right mindset. I wouldn’t recommend it, but it’s a good combination sometimes. Sometimes you just need a shot of whiskey to calm your nerves.”

The former WWE Champion, also explained how his biggest achievement in wrestling was building a connection with fans all over the world who have then followed him from promotion to promotion.

“Probably just the accomplishment over the years of building a connection with fans all over the world, and getting them to invest in you is the hard part. Anyone can go out and be the hot new thing for a week or a month or whatever, but over the long-term you get people invested in you as a character and a person and that follow you from promotion to promotion and stick with you during the bad times and stuff. So many fans have come up to me over the years, like parents, and been like ‘I wanna thank you for what you do because me and my son watch every Friday night and that’s kind of our time to sit and spend time together.’ So now you’re almost coming into their homes and creating memories with these people. Forging connections that will stick with you forever—that’s the best thing I’ve been able to do.”

Jon Moxley who is expecting his first child with wife Renee Paquette, went on to call AEW “a great place to be” before commenting that if WWE approached him about a return, he’d listen.

Following his victory over Comorato on Dynamite, Moxley grabbed a microphone, calling out AEW World Champion Kenny Omega. Omega won the world title from Moxley at AEW Winter Is Coming handing him his first singles defeat since joining the company.