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Jon Moxley Says Bret Hart Is His Dream Opponent, Names His Mount Rushmore

Bret Hart

Jon Moxley has named Bret Hart as his dream opponent, and one of the four men on his personal Mount Rushmore.

Speaking via B/R AMA, former AEW Champion Jon Moxley would answer questions from fans. When asked if he could challenge any Hall of Famer, who would it be, Moxley responded:

“Bret Hart for sure.”

The Hitman would come up one more time, with Moxley answering the question that splits wrestling fans around the globe. When asked about the professional wrestling Mount Rushmore, the former AEW Champion would retort:

“The way I do it is I like to say who my personal Mount Rushmore is. These are my guys that helped me fall in love with the business. Mine would be Bret Hart, Dusty Rhodes, Minoru Suzuki and Cactus Jack.”

‘AMA’ is an acronym for “ask me anything” – and Moxley most definitely obliged. As well as name-checking Bret Hart, the former WWE Champion would open up about whether a potential return to WWE would ever be on the cards, revealing how he would listen if they ever picked up the phone.

Right now, though, Jon Moxley is a major part of AEW. You can catch the former AEW Champion every week via Fite TV.