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Jon Moxley Recalls Ric Flair Getting Arrested After A Drunken Night Out

Ric Flair

Ric Flair’s exploits outside of the ring are almost as famous as his exploits inside it. Which considering that he wrestled across five decades and won 16 World Titles is more than remarkable. There is no shortage of legendary Flair stories, and Jon Moxley has revealed his own tale to add to the already extensive collection.

Speaking to the Metro, Moxley recalled one incident where he got drunk with the Nature Boy, who then got arrested at the airport.

“Getting drunk with Ric Flair, he gets arrested at the airport and he’s walking round telling people I got him arrested at the airport. ‘I’m like, “OK Ric! I wasn’t twisting your arm to order double Bloody Marys at 2.30 in the morning”. I’m like, “I’m hanging out with Ric Flair, this is crazy, what kind of life am I living?!”

I’ve been very blessed to transport myself into the universe that I watched and wondered over as kid. Sometimes I have to be like, “what the hell is going on? How did this become my life?” But it’s pretty cool!”

The former AEW World Champion revealed that he still has to pinch himself even now, when he bumps into legendary figures such as Jim Ross and Sting backstage in AEW.

“I walk into the hallway and see somebody I grew up watching on TV. It’s just a person you see everyday,’ he laughed. ‘Jim Ross calls my matches every week, and sometimes I’m like, “that’s Jim f***ing Ross!” Or I have a conversation with him, or see Sting walking around.”

As he prepares to face Kenny Omega in a Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch at AEW Revolution, Moxley took on and defeated Davey Boy Smith Jr at Bloodsport 5 via knockout. Following his victory it was announced that he will move on to face Josh Barnett at Bloodsport 6 on April 18th.

The man formerly known as Dean Ambrose who continues to put his body through unbelievable levels of punishment all in the name of entertainment, also went into detail about what keeps him going.

“I’ve had a lot of blessings that have come from this business and what it’s provided me,’ he admitted. ‘But really, the thing that keeps driving me – that feeling of the end of the night when you’re bleeding and sweating, coughing up bile, your teeth are loose, but you feel like a million dollars because you really gave everything you had and left it all in the ring.

You put yourself in danger and survived – to come out the other side of that, that’s the addictive part.”

While Ric Flair did eventually hang up his wrestling boots after a career that was equal parts success and excess, he still can’t keep away from the action for long. The 16-time world champion is currently appearing on RAW alongside Lacey Evans in a feud with his daughter Charlotte, and recently confessed that a “love of the game” keeps calling back to WWE television.