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Jon Moxley Reveals Why He Never Wants To Compete In A Ladder Match Again

Jon Moxley Hangman Adam Page

Former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley has revealed that he never wants to stand across the ring from a ladder for the rest of his career and says he “don’t f*ck with ladders anymore.”

Moxley is known for his hard-hitting in-ring style and has competed in many hardcore style matches both in AEW and as Dean Ambrose in WWE. Before that, Moxley was part of CZW which is known for its deathmatches and Mox was never afraid to mix it up in that environment.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, however, Jon Moxley revealed why he has no desire to ever find himself in a ladder match again and says he tried every excuse to get out of the recent Casino Ladder Match he was a part of on AEW Dynamite:

“I swore to God that I would never do a ladder match again for the rest of my life. I hate ladder matches. I’m not good at ladder matches. They’re not my thing. I hate them. I feel like ladders have taken more years off my career…they f*ck you up.”

“Fans don’t even truly – they see all these bumps on the ladders, I don’t think they truly appreciate how much it f*cks people up. Elbow chips, f*cking your back up. I don’t f*ck with ladders anymore. My thing was like, ‘I don’t do ladders.’ I do other sh*t. Ladders, not my thing. I was like, ‘I ain’t doing another ladder match again.'”

“I’m not what you call a high flyer. There’s no reason for me to climb a ladder and what the f*ck am I doing? Falling off the thing? For what reason? I was over ladder matches. I swore I would never do ladder matches again. Until Tony books this ladder match.”

“We’re talking and he’s like, ‘I need some star power in this match. For reasons, you need to be in this.’ I’m like, ‘Motherf*cker.’ I tried every excuse. Ultimately, he’s the boss, he’s paying me, I’ll do my best. I’m on the team.”

Most recently on AEW television Jon Moxley made short work of Dark Order’s 10 in the first round of the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament. Moxley will face Orange Cassidy in the semi-final of the tournament on the 3rd of November episode of AEW Dynamite with the winner going on to face Bryan Danielson in the final at Full Gear.

h/t Fightful