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Jon Moxley On Being Told He Was Losing To John Cena – “I Aint F*cking Doing It”

Jon Moxley John Cena

Jon Moxley has recounted the time he refused to lose to John Cena as part of The Shield, saying that he didn’t want the group to “become everybody else.”

The Shield went from virtual unknowns to one of the biggest acts in wrestling almost overnight when they burst onto the scene at Survivor Series 2012. Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and the man then known as Dean Ambrose took on all comers in the ring and used their numbers advantage when it suited them backstage as well.

Writing in his new book MOX, current AEW star Jon Moxley has recalled the time The Shield were pegged to have their first defeat in WWE. The loss was meant to happen at the Elimination Chamber in 2013 in a match where The Hounds Of Justice took on John Cena, Ryback, and Sheamus. According to Moxley, a defeat would have left his group dead in the water:

“If [we] went out there with Cena and took the f*ckin’ schmootz and got pinned like everybody else, we would then become everybody else. It would kill us. I remember…being in the car with an uneasy feeling in my stomach. ‘I ain’t f*cking doing it,’ I said. ‘Whether they fire us or we get Cena’d and killed off…we’re dead either way.'”

“We would go on a long undefeated streak in six-man tags. The writers kept trying to beat us. We refused time after time, standing our ground together. It got downright awkward sometimes, but we had strength in solidarity. We knew the equity in what we had built and were not willing to give it away.”

In the end, Jon Moxley and his partners got their way and they picked up the win in their Elimination Chamber outing. The Shield’s undefeated streak on WWE television stretched to June of 2013 when they fell to the team of Kane, Daniel Bryan, and Randy Orton on SmackDown.