Jon Moxley Is Writing A Book, Reveals Tony Khan

Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley is writing a book. AEW President Tony Khan made the revelation when speaking to Moxley’s wife, Renee Paquette, on her Oral Sessions podcast.

In a wide-ranging conversation, Khan turned his thoughts to Moxley and how he feels about working with him:

“I love collaborating with people but there’s nobody I love collaborating with more than him [Moxley]. He’s my favourite person to work with, he has the best ideas…I love talking wrestling with Jon, I love talking ideas with Jon but I learn so much every time I talk to him. Not always about wrestling, it’s so much about so many different things.”

Following on, Khan referenced the book that Moxley is currently writing and that he has read some of it already:

“You can edit this out if you don’t want to use it but I’ve read some of the book he’s writing. It’s awesome! I love it.”

Paquette then described how she has been trying to persuade Moxley to write a book for some time:

“I’ve been up his ass forever, I’m like ‘dude you need to write a book.’ He can be a very eloquent speaker and his memory is so amazing…The fact that he’s actually doing it now and he’s writing it himself, I think it’s gonna be such a badass product. I can’t wait.”

Khan then added:

“I’m so excited about it. It’s so cool and the best part of reading it is that you can so tell that he’s writing it himself. It’s like a transcript of him talking, it’s really interesting and I’m really excited about it.”

There was no word on a proposed date for publication of the book. Jon Moxley’s AEW colleagues The Young Bucks have recently released their own autobiography “Killing The Business.” Moxley and Paquette are currently expecting their first child, they recently revealed the baby’s gender.

Credit Oral Sessions podcast