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“Jon Moxley Is A Dinosaur, I’m Here To Take Out The Dinosaurs” – Miro [Exclusive]

Miro AEW and Jon Moxley comment

Miro explosively arrived in AEW two months ago, with many fans criticising the debut of the Bulgarian super-athlete because they wanted the former WWE United States Champion to instantly be thrust into the main event scene.

While Miro revealed to Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy in an exclusive interview why he thinks it was the right idea not to put the title on him immediately, The Best Man also seemed to call out AEW World Champion Jon Moxley – saying he’s “a dinosaur” and that Miro is here to “take out all the dinosaurs” in AEW. After bringing up the band of The Butcher, Every Time I Die, Miro would discuss the importance of being multitalented in wrestling.

“That’s what I’m talking about. Being multitalented. This is what we’re missing in our business. He’s a multitalented guy. Kip is a multitalented guy. I’m a multitalented guy… Whereas you see Jon Moxley? He’s a dinosaur, and I’m here to take out all the dinosaurs, man, because you can’t be just good at one thing now. It’s 2020. You’ve got to be good at a lot of things. If you’re just good in freaking professional wrestling, then I’m going to come and take you out when the time is right.”

Miro would also “call out” PAC, by his own admission – saying he hopes the man formerly known as Neville can get back to the US soon – so he can beat him up!

“Neville [Now known as PAC] can pull off all these crazy manoeuvres. I’ve seen him break his leg on a baseball slide, so I know he’s not going to do that again. I’m pretty sure he mastered that. But unfortunately, Ben is in your country somewhere. Hopefully he’ll come back soon and I get to beat him up – because he tore my bicep so I have a personal agenda against him!

“Maybe I’m calling him out. I don’t know.”

You can read the entire interview here.

Thanks to Miro for taking the time, and to All Elite Wrestling for setting up the chat. You can follow Miro on Twitter here and on Twitch here. You can watch Miro on AEW Dynamite every Wednesday at 1am via Fite TV.